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For our 1st year exam my group and I had a heavy-metal band called Plöw as our client.
They needed a new visual identity since they had a new album coming out. The visual identity included a new logo and a website.
My jobs in the group was to be the team-leader (scrum-master), and I coded the website. I used HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery.
The design was made by Raivis Jupatovs and the communication and Business part was made by Kristi Juks and Floryane Puerruisset.
In addition to the visual website, to make it user-friendly for our client, we made a login for uploading images and updating news.


Fall Movie

For a design assignment I needed to create a movie.
There were no guidelines or restrictions so I chose to create a movie about fall in Aarhus (The danish city I live in).
I chose to make it a bit different by incorporating elements of stop-motion to go with my recordings.