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Camera vs. Talent

Type: Poster
Date: 13/9/13
Client: None
Program: Illustrator
Description: A simple typography poster with a quote.



Type: Logo
Date: 6/8/13
Client: CRPS Denmark
Program: Illustrator
Description: Logo design for
the Danish association of people
with the decease called CRPS.
Info about CRPS


Business Card

Type: Business Card
Date: 10/3/13
Client: Integratio -
Program: Illustrator
Description: Business Card made for a new-started business.
I did not made the logo, but I used the sketch to turn it into a vector-file.



Type: Folder
Date: 2/3/13
Client: Integratio -
Program: Photoshop
Description: Poster made for new-started business.
It folds vertically in the middle,
the outside is on the left!


Project Logo

Type: Logo
Date: 3/3/13
Client: School Project – 2nd semester
Program: Illustrator
Description: This logo was made for a project on the second semester! Our pretend client was a library, which is located at the harbor.


New Zealand Map

Type: Illustration
Date: 19/9/13
Client: A friend
Program: Illustrator
Description: These illustrations are a map of New Zealand split in two!
I made these for a friend I met in New Zealand. They are made very personal with both the words and the placement of the words.


Old vs. Up

Type: Poster
Date: 19/9/13
Client: None
Program: Illustrator
Description: A typography poster with a quote, made for a birthday card.